Many exporters fail to claim available CAP refund monies because of:

the effort required,
the protracted assessment period, and
the likelihood of claims being rejected for technical reasons.
The Revenue’s new, electronic Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) export refund system means that agri-businesses exporting goods that qualify for refunds can now receive their payments up to 10 weeks quicker than with the current manual system.

IcarusRefunds is an easy to use, web-based system that enables you to complete CAP export refund declarations online without any capital investment. The first software to be approved by Revenue, and the first to process a shipment, IcarusRefunds with CAP DTI now makes it possible for exporters to easily claim all refund monies due.

CAP DTI ensures prompt payment from the Department of Agriculture & Food, with a dramatically reduced possibility of rejections in the refund payment process. This new system provides customers in the agricultural and food sectors with tangible benefits including improved cash flow and streamlined shipment of goods. It is estimated that 85% of agri-business CAP export refunds will be processed online by mid-2005.

Icarus is the only Revenue-approved Customs service provider and has been delivering trade solutions to industry for over 12 years. Icarus recently won an eircom ‘Innovation Through Technology’ Award for its IcarusCustoms system, which facilitates online customs declaration for imports and exports.

To save time and get your CAP export refund monies paid quicker, contact us now.